Takes on the Chinese market for your ICO
No stress, no micro-managment, huge potential gains from the biggest crypto market.
About –°hina token
If you've ever touched on marketing an ICO you know that Asia is a hard one. Problems with regulations, no service providers and nobody knows what to do. Well, we solve these problems. Providing the best service with deep insight into the market.

China holds 81% of worlds Bitcoin hash power. Local ICOs banned. Now there is more demand for foreign ICOs. Wait, you don't take funds from China? Contact us, we have a solution for this too.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity.
Let's go through the offer.

Social Media
We register OFFICIAL accounts for you in WeChat, Weibo & QQ.
Why is this so awesome?
1. This service is available only through us.
2. Trust from the Chinese crypto community.
3. Almost no competition (because of local bans)
4. Outreach 1.5 bln users & top quality crypto audience.
6. We add a native Chinese manager to every offer.

Our offer includes full translation of website and WP, registration of social media channels WeChat, Weibo, massive advertising through influencers and tech/crypto news platforms.

Moreover due to a massive audience of Chinese exchanges users fleeing to Telegram, we will also make a chat for your project there and have a community manager look over it and answer questions.
Chinese Crypto Web
We go all in on getting banners, ads, press releases on Tech/Crypto-related web-sites for your project. We also get on Chinese ICO listings. This drives a lot of additional traffic to the website.
I stage | 10-14 days
- Translation of web-site
- Translation of WhitePaper
- Translation of content and press-release
- Registration of official company channels
WeChat - Weibo - QQ - Telegram Chinese
- Feedback from Chinese Investors

2 stage | 3-10 days
- Traffic in Wechat, Weibo, QQ We get min 1500 in each channel at the end
- Traffic from ICO listings
- Traffic from Tech/Crypto News web-sites
- Community Manager active for 1 month
3 stage | Forever
- We choose the ideal KPI
- Drive traffic
- Continue to support the Chinese community
- Promote your business
The Price
The minimum is 1.5 BTC, although the details are discussed individually with every project. The earlier you apply the better, as in regards to the Chinese culture it's hard to be precise with timing.
Don't let the Chinese market slip away!
We'd be happy to walk you through the offer and what we can do specifically for your project. Maybe help you out with other TOP regions too.
5 years experience on the asian markets, leading tech and digital companies in the Chinese media space. Strong team of Chinese crypto enthusiasts and advisors that helped raise more than 20mln$.
At the moment we are working with Swissborg and 3 more ICOs.
Our Regional partners are KR Token in Korea and Token Moscow in Russia.
Conact us
Bolin You
E-mail: ceo@chinatoken.asia
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